Google stealth releases new update for Android Auto

The update includes a new notification design

After more than eight months, smart driving companion app Android Auto is getting a major update. Some users of the app may have noticed the UI’s new notification design when Android Auto is running, according to autoevolution.

The update to Android Auto’s notifications adds a silent button and a dismiss option.

In the past, the app obviously didn’t have this option but in a previous version, it allowed users to tap a notification to switch to another app like Spotify. Users could tap the banner when a new song started playing and it would take you to the now playing interface.

The new design itself doesn’t cover the top part of the whole screen. Simply tapping the silent button prevents notification alerts from sounding off. This is a definite improvement for messaging apps like WhatsApp.

The update isn’t officially available for all Android Auto users. Autoevolution theorizes that Google is releasing the update in stages to get feedback and polish up the new notification design even more for all Android Auto users.

Source: Google Via: autoevolution