Northwestel considering next steps for internet overages in May and beyond

The internet service provider needs to get any changes to its services authorized by the CRTC

Whitehorse-based Northwestel says it is still considering how to charge customers for internet overages in May and beyond amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The internet service provider waived overage fees for some northern communities in March and April. However, since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently said that it’s unclear when things will go back to normal, it’s unknown if the service provider will continue to waive the fees.

Local publication, Cabin Radio, asked Northwestel about its plans for the upcoming months in terms of internet overages, and the carrier noted that it is still looking at the appropriate next steps, and will announce any changes when they are ready.

Northwestel is the only internet service provider in the country that has to have its services looked over and approved by the CRTC before making any changes because it holds a dominant position in the North. If Northwestel were to get rid of overage fees, it would have to be approved by the the CRTC.

If the company decides to continue to waive internet overages, we’ll likely see an application from Northwestel on the CRTC’s online database soon.

As with other carriers, it’s unknown how long Northwestel can continue to remove overage fees since there is no clear timeline when home internet usage will go back to normal.

Source: Cabin Radio