Google Trends shows we’ll all be haircutting pros when social distancing is over

"How to use hair clippers on a man?"

COVID-19 has many of us staying home and social distancing, leaving some to ask one important question: how do you use clippers to cut your hair?

According to Google Trends, we’re really struggling with learning how-to cut hair amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

“How to use hair clippers on a man?” has increased 300 percent in related queries in the last seven days. Furthermore, “how to cut my own hair men?” has increased 100 percent in associated queries in the last seven days as well.

“How to blend hair with clippers yourself?” has a “breakout” on Google trends, which means it’s reached more than 5,000 related queries in the past seven days.

The stats go even further, too. There’s been an over 550 percent increase in the Wahl Elite Pro 79602, a specific type of razor for men. Other razors have had more than 250 percent increase.

My personal favourite query, with a 190 percent increase over the past seven days, is “can you use human clippers on a dog?”

Most of these searches are in Canada, U.S., Australia and the U.K., according to Google.

While the above stats are worldwide, in Ontario specifically, people are searching terms like “barber” and “dog grooming.”

Source: Google Trends