Customer confesses Bell technician was exposed to COVID-19 during installation

The family lied during the pre-screening questions and waited until the next day to inform Bell


A Bell technician in Ottawa found out that he was exposed to someone with COVID-19 while conducting an in-home installation.

The family had waited until the next day to confess that someone in their household had tested positive, as reported by NewsTalk 1010. The Bell technician entered the house after asking the customers pre-screening questions regarding the virus.

“Feeling guilty they decided to call Bell Canada and informed them that they exposed one of our technicians to the virus,” Jim Fling, the president of Unifor Local 34-O in Ottawa, told NewsTalk 1010.

The Bell technician is now self-isolating and isn’t showing any symptoms. He performed three more installations the next day but was then told to stop working once he was notified of the exposure by his manager. There will be follow-ups with the three other households he visited.

Fling notes that technicians have been attempting to do most of the essential work outside of houses, but says that technicians sometimes have to go inside. He asks that families be honest, so that that technicians can continue to provide essential services.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Bell for a comment.

Source: NewsTalk 1010