Rogers brings back $85/20GB plan ‘for a limited time only’

For a limited time only, Rogers is bringing back its $85/20GB unlimited throttled data plan.

This a throttled plan which means once a customer hits 20GB, they’ll have access to data just at a throttled speed.

This is one of Rogers’ Infinite plans that regularly costs $95. That said, the carrier has offered this sale repeatedly over the past few weeks.

Alongside its $85/20GB plan, Rogers is also bringing back its $105/20GB Canada+U.S. plan for a limited-time-only as well. This plan is usually priced at $115/20GB.

The plan also comes with:

  • Unlimited Sharable Data
  • Unlimited Canada Wide calling
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messaging
  • No more data overages
  • Enhanced voicemail
  • Call and name display
  • Call waiting, forwarding and group calling
  • 5G-ready

Head over to Rogers’ website to check out more about the plan.