Google offering free 3-month Stadia Pro subscriptions to Chromecast Ultra owners

There's still no word on when the service's free 'Stadia Base' tier is coming

Google has started sending out free three-month Stadia Pro subscriptions to its Chromecast Ultra customers.

As confirmed by Google to The Verge, the promotion is available to new and old buyers of the 4K-supported streaming device. To be eligible for the offer, users will simply have to sign up for promotional emails from the company via the Chromecast page of its site.

Regularly priced at $11.99 CAD/month, a Stadia Pro subscription is the only current way to access Stadia. In addition to allowing users to stream games at up to 4K/60fps, Pro offers a select number games like Destiny 2: The Collection and Metro Exodus are offered with Stadia Pro at no additional cost. Otherwise, the majority of titles will need to be purchased separately.

It’s currently unclear when users who sign up for Google’s mailing list should expect to receive a Stadia Pro code. Nonetheless, this is the first free Stadia promotion of its kind that Google has offered since the game streaming service launched in November.

So far, the only other free way to play Stadia for free is a Buddy Pass, which allows you to gift three months of Stadia Pro to a friend. That said, this was a perk that was exclusive to the now-sold out Founders Edition launch bundle.

Further, there is still no way to preview Stadia without either you or a friend having to make any prior purchase. Google has promised that a ‘Stadia Base’ tier is coming that will allow users to buy games á la carte to stream without the need for a Pro subscription. However, that has yet to launch and there’s been no word from Google on when it will ultimately roll out, outside of a vague “next few months” window.

Source: The Verge