Opera for Android rolls out revamped reader mode with version 56

Opera says the new reader mode uses easy-to-read fonts and is optimized for multiple screen sizes

Opera on Android

Opera for Android is getting an improved reader mode with its latest update.

Version 56, which should begin rolling out February 6th, includes the redesigned reader mode with a great emphasis on readability. According to a press release from Opera, the company designed the new reader mode to display articles in an optimized format that makes them easier to read.

Further, Opera says it kept both smartphones and tablets in mind when redesigning the reader mode. It also considered how people hold devices and how close the screen is to people’s eyes. One of the major goals of the reader mode is to cut out distractions and make website layouts less dense. It also replaces fonts with the more readable ‘Roboto’ text and headlines with ‘Roboto Slab.’

Opera says it chose those fonts based on feedback from Opera users. It also picked the font size based on users responses, choosing a size that was comfortable to read.

When users enable the reader mode, it converts suitable web pages into the simplified format with fewer distractions and easier to read fonts.

Opera is available for free on from the Play Store.