Google is asking the world to vote for the Pokémon of the year

If we all work together, we can get Roserade to the top

Google is asking people to help find out what the most popular Pokémon in the world is for Pokémon Day 2020.

This year Pokémon Day takes place on February 27th, the release date of the first games in the series, Pokémon Red and Blue.

How to vote

If you want to vote simply open up a Google Search window and type in ‘Pokémon of the year,’ or ‘Pokémon Vote.’

A box will pop up as the first search result and ask you what region your favourite Pocket Monster is from. Choose a region and then you’ll be presented with all the monsters from that game to choose from.

The only caveat is that you need to be signed into a Google account for this to work.

Everyone gets one vote per region day for a total of eight votes. The fine print reads as follows:

Each day, you can vote for 1 species per category until 13:59 UTC on Fri., Feb 14. Note: All forms of each species count as the same Pokémon. Your votes will be stored until the vote ends and cannot be deleted.”