Google accidentally sent users’ private videos stored in Google Photos to strangers

The tech giant says its 'Takeout' service faced 'technical issues'

Google is notifying some Google Photos users that the tech giant accidentally sent their private videos to strangers.

Google’s Takeout service, which allows users to download their data, was impacted by a technical issue between November 21st and 25th. The tech giant says that this led to a small number of users receiving private content that wasn’t theirs.

It sent out emails to the people who were affected, but the email doesn’t provide any information about how many users were impacted.

The issue was fixed after five days, and according to 9to5Google, less than 0.01 percent of users were impacted. However, there are more than 1 billion people who use Google photos, so a small percentage can still impact several people.

“These users may have received either an incomplete archive, or videos, not photos, that were not theirs. We fixed the underlying issue and have conducted an in-depth analysis to help prevent this from ever happening again. We are very sorry this happened,” a Google spokesperson told 9to5Google.

The email sent out to users lets them know that they can contact Google Support for more assistance.

Source: 9to5Google Via: The Verge