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Telus launches online privacy quiz for Data Privacy Day

The quiz measures users privacy know-how

Telus Wise

In celebration of Data Privacy Day, Telus launched a privacy quiz Canadians can take to see how much they know about online safety.

The quiz comes as part of Telus’ Telus Wise program, which offers free digital literacy education workshops and resources to Canadians. Further, the quiz cites a 2019 study from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada that says less than 48 percent of Canadians feel confident in knowing they have enough information to protect their personal privacy online.

The Telus Wise quiz includes questions about online best practices, ways to keep your data safe and more.

After finishing the quiz, it gives you a score. If you get less than five points, Telus suggests you should take some time to learn about online privacy and how you can keep yourself secure. Those who score between five and seven points have a solid grasp of online privacy, but could still benefit from learning more.

If you score eight and up, Telus says you’re “well-equipped to protect your privacy online.” While I wouldn’t take this quiz as the be-all and end-all when it comes to online privacy, it can give you a good idea if you’re up-to-date on privacy information.

Those interested can take the quiz for themselves here.