Google adds biometric support for its autofill password manager on Android

It's unclear when this update will roll out to everyone


Google is testing biometric support for the autofill password manager on Android.

The update was spotted by XDA Developers and seems like it supports both fingerprint sensors and face unlock. This process will be supported by anything that uses Google’s new biometric API, which means it’ll even work with iris scanners on some Samsung devices.

Google’s Autofill is quite behind; password manager apps like 1Password and LastPass were already capable of using biometrics for autofill information.

Once enabled, the pop-up for the autofill result will appear when a user wants to log in to a website or app, although Google won’t fill in the information until the device approves the user’s biometrics.

The update isn’t widely available (I don’t have it on my Pixel 4 XL) and it’s unclear when Google will roll it out to everyone.

However, you can check to see if you head to settings and search for “Autofill with Google” and see the “Autofill Security” option.

Source: XDA Developers