79 percent of Canadian music listeners stream their music

Canada Is moving away from radio, but it still dominates

Seventy-nine percent of Canadian music listeners stream their music.

A new report from Neilson dictates that 79 percent of Canadians who listen to music do so with a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or another streaming music platform.

Leading out of this statistic, the company believes that this stat will grow by 12 percent in 2020.

Surprisingly enough, 51 percent of Canadians still get their music from AM/FM radio, making it the most popular day-to-day music listening method.

The ratings from Neilson also show that Canadians still listen to classic rock the most, followed by oldies, pop/top 40, contemporary rock and easy listening.

If you’re looking for more U.S. and general music statistics, you can read the full report here. 

Source: Neilson