Sands of Salzaar is a Chinese indie Steam top-seller, English version on the way

The game seems to be a massive hit

Sands of Salzaar is a new Chinese indie game that is now a Steam top-seller. This role-playing game is available in Simplified Chinese but is still a smash hit on Steam.

Sands of Salzaar (or 部落与弯刀,)  translates to ‘Tribe and Machete’ and recently released on January 2nd. Even though it only released six days ago, it has already an estimated 50,000 sales and that number is only expected to increase.

Sands of Salzaar, has received already more than 3,200 user reviews, most of which have been “Very Positive,” according to the Steam page.

This Early Access game is currently $14.86, discounted 15 percent until January 16th.

The game looks incredibly fun and thankfully English support is one of the developer’s top priorities.

Source: Steam, PC Gamer