Rumour suggests LG will show off V60 with dual-screen accessory at MWC 2020

Hopefully this device makes its way to Canada

As Mobile World Congress in Barcelona nears, rumours are starting to fly about what device we might see at the show. One of the latest leaks suggests LG is going to bring a new phone with a dual-screen attachment like the V50 from earlier this year.

The V50 never made its way to Canada in 2019, so there is a chance that its successor, the V60, might show up instead.

The rumours say that the new phone will support 5G and come with a new dual-screen attachment. The LG G8X ThinQ did come to Canada with the extra screen attachment and we reviewed it positively.

The new version of this extra screen attachment is supposed to include a new hinge design that can stop at any angle, according to Android Central.

While all of this sounds cool, we won’t be able to confirm it until MWC in February.