Google tests feature to let users track packages directly from Search

Google is testing this feature in all countries with Google Search

Soon you’ll be able to track packages with Google Search.

Google announced the Package Tracking Early Access Program, which allows companies that ship products to show customers their packages via Google Search.

After typing the specific company and the package tracking number, a card will appear with the tracking number. Hit the ‘Track package’ button, and the results will show users the expected date of delivery, whether the package is in transit, if it’s out for delivery or if it’s delivered.

Additionally, it’ll give options to ‘view details on the company,’ ‘contact the company’s support,’ with the option to call and track another package.

The beta program, for companies, is available in all countries where Google Search is available.

Lastly, companies must know “Google Package Tracking makes real-time calls to a RESTful JSON API to retrieve package tracking information. You will need to make this API available to Google and meet certain availability, content, and responsiveness guidelines,” according to the Google Developer’s blog post.

Source: Google, Via: 9to5Google