Vidéotron launches new entertainment service Helix

Vidéotron has launched its Helix entertainment platform, which includes a Wi-Fi service terminal as well as a new IPTV platform.

The Montreal-based carrier said in a press release that as of today Quebecers will be able to sign up for the service and get access to the new equipment.

Customers are able to get the TV terminal for video services that include live and on-demand content, as well as TV shows and movies from online streaming platforms like Club illico and Netflix. Users will also “quickly get relevant content suggestions based on what they’re interested in,” the release said.

The IPTV service is built off of Comcast’s X1 platform. Vidéotron is the third Canadian carrier to offer an IPTV product that utilizes X1 technology, with the other two being Rogers (Ignite TV) and Shaw Communications (BlueSky).

Customers will have a new voice-remote that is the “heart of the Helix experience,” which helps users find content and manage what they watch using voice recognition technology.

When you’re watching something and you like a particular song, you’ll be able to ask the remote “What’s that song?” The title then displays while you’re watching the content. Subscribers can also ask the remote for other information like statistics regarding sports teams.

In the future, this remote will “easily control your smart home,” a fact sheet indicated. The voice-remote is also able to recognize and navigate the system in either English or French.

The platform also comes with Helix Fi Gateway, which provides “high-performance Wi-Fi through an integrated modem and router,” a fact sheet noted. It added that it will also recognize connected devices and allow you to manage them.

To optimize internet services, Helix also now comes with Wi-Fi pods that can be installed around your home to “improve your coverage when needed.” These pods stabilize the Wi-Fi connection and performance. Vidéotron indicated that simplified monthly plans start at $87 CAD that include unlimited internet.

Two apps to navigate content, Wi-Fi

To help manage its new Helix service, Vidéotron has also launched two mobile apps.

The first, called Helix Fi, helps users control their home Wi-Fi network, the release indicated.

You can set time restrictions for when you want to control the amount of usage and you can also “easily disconnect a device from the network.”

Vidéotron indicated that “the Helix Fi app will soon let you control your household’s smart devices.”

Vidéotron has also launched Helix, a new app that lets users control their cloud DVR remotely. You’ll be able to “watch live TV and a ton of on-demand content anytime, anywhere, even on the train.” Vidéotron indicated in a fact sheet that this app will not use up your mobile data limit.