Spotify adding new features to Premium Family plan

Spotify is making you a playlist to listen to with your family

Spotify is adding a few new features to its Family Plan, including a new ‘Family Mix’ playlist.

As part of Spotify’s Premium Family plan, customers pay $14.99 CAD per month and gives six family members access to individual Spotify Premium accounts.

This is by far the best value the streaming service offers — it works out to about $2.50 CAD a user per month.

There are three new features including more robust explicit content filtering, the Family Mix playlist and a new Family Hub to control your account settings.

Family Mix is a playlist full of songs that are meant to appeal to each of the members included in the plan.

Spotify has also made it possible for the owner of the plan to control the explicit music filter in each family member’s account individually.

The new Family Hub is where users can manage their Family Plan settings. This includes adding and removing members, alters account settings and keeping the plan’s address up to date.

This isn’t the only recent Spotify Family plan news. Last week it was reported that the company is testing a price increase in Scandanavia.

The company is launching the new feature in Ireland today with intentions of rolling it out to the rest of the world throughout the fall.

Source: Spotify