Microsoft Edge for macOS beta adds Read Aloud accessibility feature

The latest Microsoft Edge for macOS Dev Channel build brings support for ‘Read Aloud,’ an accessibility feature that reads the text content of a webpage for visually-impaired users.

For those who might enjoy hearing content instead of reading it, it’s possible to right-click at the start of a paragraph and select ‘Read Aloud From Here.’ The feature will then read everything from that point unless the user pauses the session using the dedicated button.

Sitting next to the ‘play/pause’ button are the skip buttons for jumping back and forth between paragraphs.

Furthermore, there’s a speed adjustment tool, as well as a plethora of synthetic voices to suit different tastes. The Edge browser also added webpage translation back in April.

That said, the new accessibility feature came after Microsoft migrated its browser to Google Chromium for Insider builds(Beta, Dev and Canary). Early hands-on tests at MobileSyrup showed promising results even compared to Google Chrome.

To try Microsoft Edge for macOS, head over to the official page and download the Dev Channel version for Mac.

Source: Mike Tholfsen Via: iMore