Amazon expands its counterfeit prevention service to Canada

Amazon has expanded Transparency, its product serialization service, to several countries including Canada and the U.K.

Transparency allows brands to apply unique codes to their products, which lets Amazon authenticate the product. The company says that doing so protects customers from counterfeits.

Amazon states that having unique serialization for every unit of a product is the best way to prevent counterfeits. It says that this expansion is part of the company’s investment in technology-driven solutions to prevent counterfeiting.

“We created Transparency to provide brands with a simple, scalable solution that empowers brands and Amazon to authenticate products within the supply chain, stopping counterfeit before it reaches a customer,” said Dharmesh Mehta, vice president of Amazon customer trust and partner support, in a press release.

Once Transparency provides a code to a brand for a product, Amazon scans and verifies the code to ensure that the customer will receive an authentic product, according to the company.

Around 5,000 brands are currently enrolled in Transparency in the United States. Amazon says that hundreds of brands enrol in the service each month.

Source: Amazon