Canadians are confident with data protection but hope for better cybersecurity education: survey


Canadians are doing just fine with protecting their data and online privacy. However, many feel that a solid education for cybersecurity is needed, according to a recent survey.

A recent online survey conducted by Palo Alto Networks and YouGov indicates that 66 percent of Canadians are applying the same level of security across their personal electronic devices. 56 percent of the respondents say they are securing their files in case of data loss.

Palo Alto Networks has partnered with YouGov and Dr. Jessica Barker, an expert in human nature on cybersecurity, to survey over 1,000 Canadian adults about their perspective on cybersecurity and their level of confidence in protecting themselves in the digital age.

“As more of our time is spent on smart devices, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect our personal information from cybercriminals,” said Rob Lunney, regional manager for Canada at Palo Alto Networks. “Canadians understand that they are responsible for protecting their data and are confident in their ability to do so.”

The study identified various factors that would make Canadians feel safe about the online environment.

Fifty-six percent of the participants know the methods of protection for cybersecurity. Thirty-two percent know the government is actively monitoring and arresting cybercriminals, with 26 percent of them know the exact government agency responsible for cybersecurity.

Many also feel safe about the precautions being taken by their employers on cybersecurity, including the type of cybersecurity software they use. Additionally, many feel that tutorials on cybersecurity have become simpler.

“Trust is so important in cybersecurity. People want to be actively engaged in better protecting themselves online, and they embrace technology that supports them in this,” says Dr. Baker. “The knowledge acquired can then be transferred to other areas of their lives, most importantly, the workplace.”

Although Canadians are feeling confident in protecting their online security, only 28 percent of the participants agree that government and schools are providing enough education to the public on cybersecurity.

Earlier in 2019, Palo Alto Networks partnered with Ministry of Education of British Columbia and IBM Canada to launch the Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy, which aims to educate high school students about cybersecurity and data protection in the digital age.

Source: Palo Alto Networks