Apple trademarks ‘AirPower’ through WIPO, probably doesn’t mean much


Apple has obtained a trademark for its recently deceased AirPower inductive charging mat through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), according to a document obtained by MySmartPrice.

The company officially cancelled the ambitious accessory on March 29th. By contrast, it obtained the trademark on June 30th, 2019, fully three months after cancelling AirPower. According to multiple separate reports, Apple engineers were unable to get the mat to charge multiple devices without generating excessive amounts of heat.

MySmartPrice speculates the trademark suggests Apple has restarted work on AirPower.

While that’s a possibility, to my mind, more likely at play here is Apple’s desire to protect one its trademarks. After all, AirPower was an embarrassment for Apple, one that’s likely going to cast a shadow over the company for a long time. The only thing that would make that embarrassment worse is if another company or firm were to pick up the AirPower name and use it to launch a successful product.

Source: MySmartPrice