Tesla’s electric semi truck spotted in northern California

The engineers testing the truck think it will have a better range than what was promised

Tesla Semi-Truck

A Tesla owner in Northern California was able to get a good tour of a bright red Tesla Semi, giving us more details about the upcoming vehicle.

The photographer, Jerome Mends-Cole, the owner of SacTesla, saw the prototype version of the Semi at Tesla’s store in Rocklin, California.

One of the newest reveals was the Semi’s front trunk, or frunk. According to Electrek, the vehicle is about the same size as the frunk on the current Model 3 and S.

While the photographer wasn’t able to get inside of the truck, he did talk to the engineers testing it, reports Electrek. 

He went on to say that Tesla seemed confident the truck is going to beat the original ranges it was announced with.

When the Elon Musk first showed off the truck, he stated the base model would feature a 482km range and the ‘Founder Series’ would include a 804km range.

Image credit: Electrek

Source: Electrek