Apple receives patent describing a smartwatch with an adjustable camera


Apple recently received a patent for an Apple Watch band with an adjustable camera that is capable of being positioned in any direction for better pictures.

Although smartwatch manufacturers have attempted to include cameras into their bands in the past, the fixed position of the camera forces the user to bend their wrist to get a nice shot.

Apple could be aiming to fix this problem with this new design that allows the user to retract and twist the camera to get a good shot.

The patent indicates that users would have a number of different ways to take the image. For instance, you could press a button on the band, tap the screen, or pinch the band.

The band’s concept could also potentially allow for 360-imagery by placing cameras on both sides, as outlined by Engadget.

It should be noted that this is merely a patent and not a firm product roadmap. As always, there is no guarantee that Apple will roll out this concept in its future products.

Source: USPTO Via: Engadget