Instagram to launch tools to help users recover a hacked account

Instagram on the OnePlus 6T

Instagram users will be able to relax a little if they’re account gets hacked.

The photo-sharing digital company is testing an in-app account recovery process that will make it easier for users to reaccess their account. Engadget reported that the new recovery process will also make it difficult for hackers to try and get into accounts.

The new process will get apps to ask users different information (like an original email address or phone number) and will then send a six-digit code to the contact information provided.

Engadget reported that the new method will ensure that users recover their account even if a hacker has tried to change the user name and contact information. Instagram indicated that it will provide a safeguard that will make sure a username can’t be claimed for a “period of time” after account changes (whether a hacker is trying to get the information or a voluntary change).

Engadget noted that Instagram has not announced when this new feature will be available to Android and iOS users.

Source: Engadget