Twitter acquires Fabula AI to ‘improve the health of the conversation’ on the platform


Twitter has acquired Fabula AI to “advance the state of machine learning, inside and outside Twitter” in an effort to “keep people safe on Twitter.”

In a Twitter blog post, the company’s chief technology officer Parag Agarwal said the acquisition will focus on natural language processing, reinforcement learning, machine learning ethics, and recommendation systems.

It will also include graphic deep learning research, which analyzes large and complex sets of data that describe relations and interactions, the release said. For example, it will be studying the “Twitter graph, comprised of the millions of Tweets, Retweets and Likes shared on Twitter every day.”

“We will be able to improve the health of the conversation, as well as products including the timeline, recommendations, the explore tab and the onboarding experience,” the blog read.

Improving the health of the conversations on Twitter will include “expanding applications to stop spam and abuse and other strategic priorities in the future,” it noted.

Source: Twitter