Public Mobile offering one-time 5GB data bonus if you buy a SIM card online

New customers must buy the SIM card by 11:59pm ET on June 1st, and activate by June 16th

Public Mobile

Telus flanker brand Public Mobile is running another 5GB bonus sale this weekend, but this time around you get the one-time bonus when you buy and activate a SIM card.

According to a post on Public’s community forum, new customers who purchase a SIM card online before 11:59pm ET on June 1st, 2019 will get a one-time bonus 5GB of data when they activate before 11:59pm ET on June 16th.

Additionally, you must activate on a $25 per month or more ready-made plan. The offer isn’t redeemable with Public’s make your own plan option.

Once you activate, you’ll receive the one-time 5GB data bonus add-on within 72 hours, according to Public.

While the offer only gives you a one-time 5GB add-on, it’s worth noting that Public’s add-ons carry over into the next cycle. Whether you get a long distance or data add-on, unused minutes and data will roll over to your next billing period.

In other words, if you take advantage of the 5GB offer, you shouldn’t have to worry about blowing through all your data in a month. It’ll carry forward to your next cycle if you don’t use it all.

You can learn more about the offer here and sign up here.

Source: Public Mobile