IKEA to redesign app to make it easier for customers to shop online

Ikea website on Android

IKEA is launching a new app that will help customers shop for products directly from their homes, eliminating the need to come into a physical store.

The retailer is changing its business model to focus on making it easier for customers to shop online, rather than forcing them to come to their warehouses.

The app allows users to input room dimensions and visualize what their homes would look like with various IKEA products. It gives users the options to choose life stages and different tastes.

Users will then be able to order the products directly from the app, which was previously not possible.

“It is a completely new experience. The app is combined with the store experience, with the online experience,” Barbara Martin Coppola, chief digital officer at IKEA, told Reuters.

On the current app, shoppers can only view isolated products, and can only add products to a shopping list to be used during a physical store visit.

The app will initially launch in France and the Netherlands, and will then roll out to other countries later this year.

Source: Reuters