Canada’s average broadband download speed is 111.47Mbps, ranked 12th fastest globally

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Canada has been ranked as having the 12th fasted fixed broadband download speed, and the 2nd fastest mobile internet speeds for April 2019, according to the The Speedtest Global Index.

Speedtest by Ookla is a tool that individuals use to measure and test their network speeds on their phones and computers. The company releases a ranking of countries every month.

Canada sits in 12th place with 111.47Mbps for fixed broadband speed, and in second place with 64.42Mbps for mobile speeds. The current ranking index indicates that Canada’s rankings have not changed since the previous report.

Singapore ranked the highest with broadband speeds of 197.50Mbps. Norway ranked first for mobile speeds with 65.41Mbps.

Algeria ranked the lowest for mobile speeds at 6.32Mbps. Turkmenistan ranked the lowest for broadband speeds at 3.11Mbps.

The full ranking can be found here.

Source: Speedtest