Microsoft is bringing Grammarly-like AI features to Word

Microsoft will soon release an ‘Ideas’ feature that utilizes AI to recommend grammar changes and other edits in the online version of Word.

The functionality aims to take on similar platforms like Grammarly and Google Docs.

The Ideas feature outlines simple errors, and highlights sentences that can be rephrased to improve clarity.

Ideas will also be beneficial when reading, according to Microsoft. The feature can explain acronyms, outline the main points of what you’re reading and also estimate reading time.

These features will give readers the ability to effectively skim through pieces of text.

Although Grammarly users may not be that interested in this functionality, Ideas could potentially increase productivity for Word users.

Microsoft also announced a Word Designer feature that will allow users to style their documents and tables.

Microsoft said Ideas will be available to preview in June, and that it will release to all users in the fall.

Source: Microsoft Via: Engadget