U.K. Prime Minister fires Defence Secretary following Huawei leak


The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May has fired the country’s Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson after news leaked regarding the country’s plan to use Huawei to build out parts of its 5G network, according to CNET.

The Wall Street Journal reported the news after the U.K. had its National Security Council meeting on Tuesday, April 23rd. During the meeting, which was attended by May and other government ministers, it was reportedly decided that the China-based company would be allowed to construct part of the network but not its core components.

The WSJ at the time cited anonymous official sources that indicated that the country has “barred” Huawei from building out any of its critical core networks. The official at the time stated that the decision wasn’t and that it needed to be presented to other lawmakers in the British Parliament.

The story will be updated with more information as it is presented.

Source: CNET