Get a free Google Home with Koodo activations at Best Buy Mobile

You'll need a contract, but this isn't the worst incentive we've seen

Best Buy Mobile is holding a sale with Koodo activations that nets buyers a free Google Home.

The deal is in-store only, but it applies to all phones and ‘Tab’ plans. As long as you sign up for a contract and not month-to-month, then you can get the free Google Home.

The example we were given when I called Koodo is that you could get an iPhone 6s on a Tab small with 2GB of data for $55 per pay period as one of the cheapest options. That said, any Tab should work You just can’t bring your own device or get a phone on a month-to-month agreement.

Generally, the Google Home retails for $180 CAD in Canada, although the device often goes on sale for $130. Either way, the Google Home is much better than the Echo Dot or Google Home Mini, so if you’re looking to step up your smart home, this deal could be worthwhile.

Source: Best Buy Canada Flyer