Public Mobile offers first month free if you activate in-store on March 30, 31

Along with a credit for their first month, new subscribers get a free SIM card

Public Mobile

If you’ve considered switching to Public Mobile, it might be time to make the jump.

The Telus flanker brand is offering new subscribers their first month free. Plus, you can get a free SIM card too.

Starting March 30th, 2019 and running until 11:59pm ET on the 31st, when you activate any of Public Mobile’s 30-day plans in store, you’ll receive a credit for the plan amount within five days of activation.

These credits will count towards your next plan renewal — so technically, you are paying for that first month, but you get the next one free. Regardless, that’s a free month of cell service.

Public notes that the credit will only cover the 30-day plan, so if you have any add-ons or other extra costs, you’ll still need to pay for those.

Further, all of Public Mobile’s rewards, like the $2 Auto Pay credit, still apply. You can learn more about rewards and the rules around them here.

If you want to sign-up and get your free month of service, head over to a participating Walmart, London Drugs, The Mobile Shop, WOW Mobile or K-Mobile location.

Source: Public Mobile