Airbnb to acquire HotelTonight to offer traditional hotel bookings

Airbnb sign

Airbnb has announced that it is acquiring HotelTonight to offer its customers traditional hotel bookings in addition to its regular hostel home renting services.

With HotelTonight integration, Airbnb customers will be able to make last-minute bookings at boutique hotels, especially when they only have an Airbnb reserved for a portion of their trip.

Airbnb also aims to remove some of the competition for hosts by putting home and hotel rentals together.

“Together with HotelTonight, we can offer places to stay for every type of traveler on all kinds of trips and make it easier for small businesses and hoteliers who take pride in providing authentic, unique experiences to tap into Airbnb’s truly global network of hosts and guests,” Airbnb said in a press release.

It’s unclear exactly when the changes will take effect, although renters will be able to use HotelTonight’s services right from the Airbnb app.

Source: Airbnb