Freedom offers 10GB for $43.75 per month to Victoria, Red Deer residents

The deal gives subscribers 25 percent off for their first six months

Freedom Mobile Will Arnett

Now that Freedom Mobile is up and running in Victoria, B.C. and Red Deer, Alberta, the Shaw-owned carrier is offering 25 percent off its 10GB plan to early subscribers.

Those who sign up will get 10GB of LTE data and unlimited Canada-wide talk and text for $43.75 for six months, with the company’s Digital Discount.

The Digital Discount, for the unfamiliar, is a $5 discount applied to your Freedom bill when you set up Auto Pay on eligible plans.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty solid offer. Subscribers get a discounted service while Freedom puts together the finishing touches on its network.

Currently, the coverage is centralized in the core of both areas, but Freedom has plans to expand that coverage significantly in the summer.

To get the special offer, you’ll have to sign up in store with an eligible plan, which Freedom notes are any current in-market plans that are at least $60 per month. Unfortunately, you can’t combine the deal with other offers, such as the Big Binge bonus.

If you’re looking for a low-cost plan with lots of data, you can’t go wrong with Freedom’s offer, especially with the coverage set to get better in the area.

You can check out Freedom’s Victoria and Red Deer web pages for more details on coverage area and where you can go to activate.

Previously, the company offered a 50 percent discount for the first six months for early adopters.