Glentel fixed Samsung Canada data breach that affected some online customers [Update]

The breach was discovered and dealt with the same day it occured

Samsung Store

Samsung Canada’s online store “was subject to unauthorized access by an intruder,” resulting in customer data being accessed, according to a recent letter sent out to those affected.

The letter, which was dated February 22nd, was mailed to customers affected by the breach on November 29th, 2018. Samsung sent the original letter indicating that Glentel operates the shop.samsung.com/ca site.

“We can confirm based on the information to date that… an intruder was able to temporarily obtain the account credentials for a Glentel employee, which permitted the intruder to view limited information that included personal information relating to a purchase you made on the website,” the letter read.

Glentel is an independent wireless retailer better known for its Wireless Wave, T-Booth brands, and management of wireless at Costco Canada with WIRELESS etc.

In 2015, the Competition Bureau approved the sale of Glentel to Bell and Rogers.

“The limited information accessed by the intruder includes name, address, email, phone number, and product purchase details. No personal financial information was accessed,” the letter reads.

The letter noted that Glentel took immediate action and steps to address the breach “the same day” the vulnerability was discovered.

“Glentel recently advised Samsung of the incident. Since learning of the incident, we have been working with Glentel to ensure that this does not happen again,” the letter said.

“Samsung Canada takes the privacy of our customers’ data very seriously. We recently learned that certain limited contact and product information, held by Glentel, the third-party operator of shop.samsung.com/ca, was subject to unauthorized access by an intruder. No personal financial information was compromised,” Samsung Canada told MobileSyrup in a statement.

“Since learning of the incident, we have been working with Glentel to ensure that this does not happen again. There has only been a limited number of customers affected and those customers have been notified.”

Source: Twitter (@RedskullPro)