The Nintendo Switch can now run Android, sort of

While still very limited, it's a progressive breakthrough

Nintendo Switch

Last week, it was reported that developer ‘ByLaw’ was working getting Android to run on the Nintendo Switch. At the time, however, only the Android start-up screen was loading on the console.

However, there’s now a breakthrough via Android developer Max Keller (@langer_hans) who was able to boot Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on Nintendo’s portable console.

Android runs laggy, as is to be expected, due to the Switch relying on CPU based graphics rather than GPU drivers, which can’t operate on the system yet. As a result, this means that Android games don’t run either.


However, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work without any issues, which is quite impressive. According to Keller, while audio does not work yet, implementing Bluetooth audio should be accomplished soon.

Even the Switch’s Joy-Cons, while needs adjusting to operate on Android, surprisingly works as well.

While Android isn’t yet in a usable state on the Switch, it seems like it might be only a matter of time until someone gets Google’s operating system up and running on Nintendo’s console.

Source: XDA DevelopersTwitter ‘@langer_hans