Instagram commits to banning ‘graphic images of self-harm’

Instagram app on iPhone

Following ‘Safe Internet Day,’ Facebook-owned Instagram has rolled out changes to how the platform deals with safety, specifically self-harm.

Now boasting over 1 billion users worldwide with 500 million active every day, Instagram took to its blog to outline its strategy to ensure the people in its community feel secure.

“Following a comprehensive review with global experts and academics on youth, mental health, and suicide prevention, we’re announcing further changes to our approach on self-harm content,” said Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram.

“We will not allow any graphic images of self-harm, such as cutting on Instagram — even if it would previously have been allowed as admission. We have never allowed posts that promote or encourage suicide or self-harm, and will continue to remove it when reported,” said Mosseri. “We will not show non-graphic, self-harm related content — such as healed scars – in search, hashtags and the explore tab, and we won’t be recommending it. We are not removing this type of content from Instagram entirely, as we don’t want want to stigmatize or isolate people who may be in distress”

The company has come under fire following several deaths related to self-harm being linked to the platform.

Instagram noted that “it will take time and we have a responsibility to get this right,” with the goal to “create a safe and supportive community for everyone.”

Source: Instagram