Nintendo Switch to get proper text and voice chat from Vivox

Hopefully, this means fewer games will require the Switch Online phone app to enable voice chat

Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest sources of controversy surrounding the Switch has been Nintendo’s decision to relegate most games’ voice chat functionality to a smartphone app.

While rival console makers Sony and Microsoft allow native voice chat through their respective consoles with a headset, Switch owners can only access the feature through the Switch Online app.

Thankfully, this is set to change soon thanks to communication services company Vivox, which has produced a software development kit (SDK) that lets developers incorporate native text and voice chat into their games on Switch.

Currently, Vivox powers text and voice chat functionality for a number of games, including, most notably, Epic Games’ multiplayer sensation Fortnite. As such, the Switch version of Fortnite is one of the few games in which voice chat is possible simply through plugging a microphone-equipped pair of headphones into the system’s headphone jack.

With Vivox’s SDK, developers will be able to do the same for any of their games on Switch. Developers can download the SDK from Vivox’s website.

Via: The Verge