Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reveals how editing tweets could work

Twitter is mulling over a few different ways to let users edit their tweets

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Social media users have been requesting an edit feature on Twitter for some time now.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter users can only delete a tweet if they want to make changes, such as fixing a typo.

Now, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has detailed how such an edit feature may work.

On the Joe Rogan Experience, Dorsey suggested a “five-second to 30-second delay” before a tweet has been shared in which a user can make any edits. Dorsey said this window could be dynamic depending on the context of the tweet, although he doesn’t want it much longer to ensure tweets retain their “real-time nature.”

Additionally, Dorsey confirmed that Twitter is looking into an associated ‘view history’ option that would let users see tweets before they were edited. This would help prevent bad actors from editing a previously innocuous tweet to something malicious after people have retweeted it.

However, Dorsey didn’t give any indication that these features are indeed coming or when they may be added, so it remains to be seen what Twitter will do with tweet editing.

Via: Engadget