Here’s another teaser for Vivo’s ‘Waterdrop’ Apex 2019

Vivo has yet again teased its upcoming ‘Waterdrop‘ Apex 2019 smartphone.

This handset will compete against the innovative Vivo Apex FullView that the company revealed at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Vivo says that this new device is “groundbreaking” and advertises that the phone leads to “a simpler future.”

Leaker Ice Universe calls this “the simplest and most complicated mobile phone, the appearance is very simple, the technology is very complicated.”

From the marketing image, one can guess that the Vivo ‘Waterdrop’ Apex features a curved all-screen design.

It’s difficult to understand why this device will be the simplest and also the most complicated handset at the same time. Vivo will officially reveal this phone on Thursday, January 24th.

I still bet on the device having absolutely no bezels with a full display on both sides.

Vivo smartphones aren’t officially launched in Canada, however, users can always head towards Amazon Canada to purchase a Vivo device.

Image Credit: Ice Universe

Source: Vivo Via: Ice Universe