LG to debut smart steam closet, smart mirror at CES 2019

LG is working towards the next-generation of integrated smart home products

LG plans on showcasing a new smart steam closet and smart mirror at CES 2019.

The LG ‘Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door’ smart steam closet lets users steam their clothes while they hang. There are two different models — one with three hangers and the other with five — and both will have space for one pair of pants.

According to LG, the steam closet will get rid of 99.9 percent of germs. Additionally, it will remove unpleasant odours and wrinkles.

The smart closet also works with Google Assistant, allowing users to give commands to a Google Home or phone in order to turn off the styler or see how much time is left in the steam cycle.

The smart mirror, on the other hand, will use artificial intelligence that will likely give users fashion suggestions.

It’s unclear if the smart mirror will work similar to the Echo Look, an Amazon product that can take pictures and make suggestions, or more like the MirroCool, a smart mirror that helps users with their calendars and notifications.

LG, unfortunately, didn’t provide very much additional information or any pictures of the smart mirror.

Google Assistant already can give clothing suggestions for what to wear today, with a mirror that feature can be better fleshed out.

Source: LG Newsroom