Decorate a Christmas tree in 30-seconds with tips from this YouTube video

Deck the halls with unnecessary force and power

If you’re still behind on decorating your tree this holiday season, the Hacksmith YouTube channel is here to help with a few tips and tricks.

It’s actually a really simple process. You only need a custom $10,000 built leaf blower that can push out 50 pounds of thrust.

Then you’ll need a safe space to blast all the tinsel and ornaments at the tree. If this all sounds a little crazy, watch the video below and you’ll understand.

The Hacksmith channel built the leaf blower for a project a few weeks ago, but it’s come back again to help spread the holiday cheer.

It uses 224 lithium-ion batteries and a 24-horsepower electric duct fan to push out 4,500 cubic feet of air per minute.

Source: The Hacksmith