It takes five superchargers to quickly power a Tesla Semi truck

Tesla Semi-Truck

A rare Matte Black Tesla Semi prototype has been spotted in the wild at a Tesla Supercharger Station using five chargers simultaneously.

Tesla unveiled the Semi in November 2017 but the company still hasn’t made it past the prototype stage.

The Silver version has been spotted out and about quite often according to Electrek. That said, the Matte Black version has been much more elusive.

The black truck was seen in California topping up its battery, and interestingly enough it had to use five Superchargers to charge.

Other users who have witnessed Tesla Semi trucks charging have mentioned that the drivers use a collection of extension cords to get power from all the chargers.

There isn’t much else known about the Tesla Semi and how it charges, but hopefully, Tesla will share more about the truck before it enters mass production next year.

Source: Electrek