More Gen 4 Pokémon and Stardust event coming to Pokémon Go

The quick Water-type Buizel is the newest Raid Boss

Even with winter quickly approaching, Pokémon Go is still being updated with new content. Two new monsters are coming to the game, along with a Stardust-based event.

‘Stardust Blast’ is a smaller Pokémon Go event, but one that trainers should be excited about none-the-less. From November 6th to the 13th, players will get double the Stardust from catching and hatching monsters.

Alongside the event, there are two new Sinnoh Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Go. The Water-type Buizel is now a Raid Boss around the globe.

Budew, the baby form of Roselia, has been added as an egg-only monster, which means it can be hatched and not caught. Sadly, players can’t evolve their existing Roselia into Roserade just yet, but since Budew is here, it will hopefully happen soon.

Shiny versions of Cubone and Ponyeta have been added to the game’s code to give players the option for a few more Shinies.