Latest iOS 12.1 beta brings fix for iOS 12 charging issue

iPhone XS Lightning cable

iOS 12.1’s second beta, which just dropped this morning, includes a fix for the charging issue that’s affecting the recently released iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, as well as any iOS device capable of running Apple’s new operating system.

The bug reportedly caused some users to experience an issue resulting in their device not to charge over a Lightning connection when the display isn’t activated.

iOS 12.1

In this case, tapping the device to wake it up resumed charging, but as soon as the display turns off again, charging halts.

With the release of iOS 12.1’s latest beta, it seems this issue has already been solved. While a frustrating issue, it’s good to see Apple moving swiftly to solve the problem.

It’s unclear when Apple plans to drop iOS 12.1 publically, but given the tech giant’s track record, a full release likely isn’t that far off.

Via: 9to5Mac