Vidéotron suing Bell for $78.5 million for its door-to-door sales practices

Quebec has been a hotbed for wireless competition for years. However, the latest form of conflict comes from rivals Bell and Quebecor’s Vidéotron.

In a filing with the Quebec Superior Court dated September 21st, Vidéotron states that Bell has violated consumer protection laws through its door-to-door sales practices.

According to Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act, anyone who “personally or through a representative, elsewhere than at his address, solicits a particular consumer for the purpose of making a contract; or makes a contract with a consumer” has a license to do so. Bell does not hold this type of license but Vidéotron does.

Bell suggests that it is working within the limits and encouraging those who it connects with to call a dedicated number to sign up, rather than be supplied with a contract on the spot.

Vidéotron says this process put the carrier at a major competitive disadvantage.

The total cost of the lawsuit is $78.5 million, which Vidéotron notes is “to compensate Vidéotron for losses suffered and to be suffered as an immediate and direct result of the civil fault committed by Bell).”

Source: Cartt