Spotify asking Family Plan members to prove they live together

The company's asking for GPS data on the asked users

Music streaming giant Spotify is reportedly sending users that share a ‘Family Plan’ but don’t live in the same location, emails asking to prove their GPS coordinates.

People that share ‘Premium for Family’ plans in the U.S. and Germany by splitting the cost have received the notification, according to various reports.

Spotify’s family plans are by defined in their small print as “Premium accounts for you and up to five people who reside at your same address.”

This rule is fine for most people, but some families don’t live under the same roof. It doesn’t seem like this notification is rolling out to everyone (since I didn’t get a notice), but it does signal that Spotify might start cracking down on the rule breakers soon.

In Canada, a Spotify family plan costs $14.99 CAD. This plan tier allows five users have their own accounts for significantly less than $10 a month.

Everyone who is part of a Family Plan is supposed to live under the same roof, per Spotify’s rules, but for now, it works even if they don’t — though it looks like that could soon change.

Source: The Verge, Quartz