Sony to allow Fortnite cross-play on PlayStation 4

Once the cross-platform beta's complete Fortnite players will be able to game from anywhere

After months of player protests, Sony has announced it plans to launch a cross-play beta for the hit online shooter Fortnite.

The beta will allow players on PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows and macOS to all play together. Previously, PS4 owners could game with other players on Windows, macOS and mobile, but this update will allow players across every system to play with each other.

The news of the beta comes from a September 26th, 2018 PlayStation blog post written by John Kodera, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO.

In his post, Kodera explains that the reason Sony spent so much time developing this feature was to make sure that “cross-platform play is best on PlayStation, while being mindful about the user experience from both a technical and social perspective.”

The post also explains that the Japanese electronics giant has realized that cross-platform gaming adds significant value to gamers and that the company is striving to bring the best experience to its customers.

There’s no word on when this feature is going to go live, though Kodera’s post does suggest to pay attention to Sony’s social media channels for more information about the beta’s eventual launch, as well as what this news means for other titles.

Source: PlayStation Blog