City of Toronto is taking input on ride-sharing regulations

There could be big changes in Toronto ride-sharing by next year


The City of Toronto is sending out an open invitation to Torontonians to share their opinions on vehicles-for-hire like taxis, Uber and Lyft on September 17th.

Chapter 546 of the bylaw regulates taxis, limos and private transportation companies (PTC) like Uber. The bylaw came into effect back in July 2016, and now the city is working to modernize it.

The city is taking input on the local ordinance across nine meetings. Three of these relate directly to private companies such as Lyft.

The first PTC-related meeting is on Tuesday, September 18th at Metro Hall (55 John St) in room 308/309 at 6:30pm ET. It relates directly to people who drive for a ride sharing-company.

The next meeting is the following day on Wednesday the 19th at 6:30pm ET. It’s located at Toronto City Hall (100 Queen St. W) in committee room one.

The final PTC-related meeting is a general consultation on taxis, limos and PTC vehicles. It’s being carried out on Wednesday, September 26th and once again is located at Metro Hall (55 John St), but this time in room 310 and it beings at 6:30pm ET.

There is nine meetings total, and anyone interested in talking about taxis, limos and accessibility can check out the full schedule here. 

Anyone who can’t make it to the meetings can email VehicleForHireReview@toronto.ca to submit their ideas and input.

A report on the results of the meetings is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

Source: The City of Toronto