Cannabis telemedicine app NamasteMD is coming to the Google Play Store


Namaste Technologies, the company behind NamasteMD, a cannabis telemedicine app for desktop and iOS, is coming to the Google Play Store.

While a press release about the app’s launch states that it’s set to be available on August 23rd at 8am EST/11pm PT, the app isn’t yet available in Google’s Android app marketplace.

Namaste says its app is able to facilitate online cannabis patient consultations at no charge within 15 minutes of signing up for the app. Further, the company says real-time consultations through the NamasteMD will launch at some point within the next few days.

NamasteMD currently has 14,000 registered users, representing a 130 percent increase over a 2-month period, according to the company.

The company behind the app says that it “anticipates significant acceleration in conversion rates with additional exposure through the Google Play Store.”

NamasteMD says it’s Canada’s first full-compliant medical cannabis patient portal that’s available across iPhone, Android and desktop, allowing the company to acquire new patients faster and cheaper when compared to other licensed producers.

Along with consultations, through the app users will be able to purchase medical cannabis from licensed cannabis producers Namaste Technologies has forged agreements with.

Namaste says that it collects between 15 and 20 percent of the gross revenue earned from patient purchases through its platforms.

The NamasteMD app launched on the iOS App Store back in January 2018.

Source: Cision